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We,Letsgettin India [Certified company], are the education consultants and Certified training institute in the industry today and help students and Job-Seekers, every step of the way, in achieving their dream career.
Through our wide range of free support services, we guide students to their dream career destination- by helping them find the courses, certifications and Job assistance that meet their expectations and needs-on a global level.


“We aim to create high quality and sustainable employment through the delivery of Internships, Workshops and Corporate Trainings for individuals, employers and communities across Globe.”


“Delivering skills & developing a diverse workforce to eradicate unemployment.”


Through these values we create success:

  • Focus on the benefit of the training as it relates to each Jobseeker's individual needs.
  • Be responsible and accountable for each Jobseeker's success.
  • Always act with integrity and dignity when dealing with Job-Seeker’s, vendors and employees.
  • Use common sense to make difficult decisions.
  • Recognize and exploit talent and constantly work to improve weak areas.
  • Always EXCEED the client's expectations.

Who We Are

We are a valued brand by Trainings across the globe and have enjoyed a very strong presence in the training and Workshop industry for nearly 02 years and this gives us the edge. We have offices in Bangalore,Chennai, Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam and Growing.

We are also proud partners of a number ofcertified bodies including theEnhelion– an organisation we have partnered since 2017 in building and running the Certification courses in around for bright career of the Candidates. Shortly We also proud partners of IT Companies like IBM,Capgemini,Accenture, JP Morgan and Wells forgo and other MNC information technology companies has created a mark in showing careers to unemployed .

Letsgettin India is managed by the Qbarter Group - an establishment that comprises over 30 employees in India, who have a key aim of helping people explore various career opportunities across the India. Learn more about the other Please give workshop Link here. With one of the finest institute like Letsgettin come up with Workshops which will support students who going to finish the education or at the final semester can get placed in MNC with the support of Letsgettin, this new venture will benefit even a greater number of students and institutions across the world. The expansion is set to achieve new goals in Indian education and deliver upbeat services

What We Do

Our primary role is to connect job-seekers with MNC Companies around the world. To do this, we have the world's largest database of Technical courses for job-seekers to search, covering the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden. We will be with you at every stage of your career journey. Our services range from certificationsto Job assistance. Job-seekers looking for trustworthy Training consultants can rely on us for guidance and Job assistance.

Today, we have come up with new strategy of Career-workshops to help freshers who finishing or at their final semester ,It will be involved in 3 days workshops and preparing the candidate for a level to get the job at the earliest and we,letsgettin is giving the job assistance to each and every individual candidate or a student to get placed in MNC after their completion of their education from the respective colleges. which will even help the colleges to get placement by utilising this work-shop opportunity.

you can search from half a million courses from 8,500 institutions based out of 12 countries. Our team of advisors based in Bangalore,Chennai and Hyderabad can help you find the right course and Trainer using our comprehensive catalogue of Trainers and programmes. The ‘Ultimate Search’ feature lets you compare and short-list technology based on your preferences.

When you register with Letsgettin India, you are taking the first step to getting anplacement in a company.

Our aim is to help you with every stage of your technical training, starting from Demo to certifications.

Here’s how you can use our technology, services and resources to get an internationally recognised certification from Letsgettin:

Register with us for free and use our smart search technology and interactive tools to find the perfect course, company and CTC to get placed.

Our smart search technology allows us to match your graduation, budget, preferred technical interest and English language skills to produce a tailored set of results. Based on these results and your preferences, you can then shortlist the companies you want to apply to.

To further help you with your search and decision-making process, we give you complete access to the world’s largest MNC’s. You can review the detailed information listed by over partner institutions world-wide and make informed decisions on your Technical Trainingoptions.Our extensive database covers a wide-range of courses from institutions based in the Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

We understand how difficult it can be for any student to have to make sense of the complicated learning technology process. Therefore we’ve put together an experienced team of advisors across two major cities in India to assist you at every stage of your Technical training and placement journey.

You can walk in to one of our offices to meet our advisors at your convenience, or call them to get guidance on any Technical Trainings related enquires. If at any point in your Technical Training journey, you are feeling confused about a particular stage or process, you can even initiate a request to have one of our advisors call you. Our advisors can help you shortlist Technology and company based on your preferences.

Once you’ve short-listed the Technical Training and Company you want to get trained, you can start the application process. You can use our guidance and online resources to structure your Statement of Purpose. You can also use our English test app, mock tests and exam-specific resources to prepare for any test you are planning to take. Use our site to learn more about the Letter of Recommendation and find out how you can get one.

Once you move past the application stage, you can use our guidance tools to learn more about your funding options. Use our scholarship search tool to find scholarships you can apply for. you can approach our advisors to get advice on funding.

Once you get confirmation from the Letsgettin, you can start knowing about the classes and timings. Our HR guidance officer can help you with your Training application and technical interview.

At no stage in your technical training or Placement journey should you feel uninformed about where you are; so to help you keep track of your progress, we’ve provided you with user activity monitoring tools. This interactive technology allows you to monitor your progression in every stage. So whether you are on the verge of applying to a Company or waiting for the company to release the requirements, you will always know where you stand in the lengthy process.

Throughout your training journey, you will get the latest updates on requirement from us. Using our connections with various partners in the industry, we will keep you informed about any changes in the Technical training process. For example, if there are changes in Course or if the same course doesn’t have the future will intimate the candidate to take decision. if you are looking for A-Z support, you can rely on us to keep you updated.

Once you receive your Technical training and institute enrolment details, you can use our resources to prepare for your career.

Access our online guides to know more about your career destination. Use our network services to connect with Indian students abroad and get reliable first-hand information on what it is like to live in your career destination. By using our services, you become a part of our partner social network. You can use our online forums to connect with a lot of - Letsgettin partners.

Our Job Assistance services include helping you find career in MNCs or in any other companies and giving you Technology advices. You can also use our services to work out your Other skills and learn all about the post-Trained work rights and job prospects in career.

With our global connections and offices in the Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad to support us here in India, you can receive a lot of useful information pertaining to your Trained destination. Our offices in other locations can provide you a local support system while you live in starting days of your career. You can approach our offices India and get local assistance on any issues you may encounter.

Why Us?

We,Letsgettin India [Certified company], are the education consultants and Certified training institute in the industry today and help students and Job-Seekers, every step of the way, in achieving their dream career.

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