Career Workshop

IOT – Internet of Things

Remote Sensing Image Processing and Analysis

Biometric based Authentication


Internet of Things (IoT) is a biological community of associated physical articles that are open through the web. The 'thing' in IoT could be a man with a heart screen or a vehicle with worked in-sensors, i.e. objects that have been doled out an IP address and can gather and exchange information over a system without manual help or intercession. The inserted innovation in the items encourages them to collaborate with interior states or the outer condition, which thusly influences the choices taken.

Benefits :

• Current situation/openings for work of inserted ventures.

• Understanding the range of abilities required in another worker in implanted industry.

• Understanding the mechanical autonomy future and extension Understanding the diverse microcontroller accessible in the business and their utilization.

• In-profundity information on plan, development and programming ideas associated with building a self-sufficient robot Learn and Interact with eminent Industry Experts.

Topics :

• Introduction to IOT

Introducing the Internet of Things

The various types of devices connected to the internet

• Components of IoT devices

Design considerations

IoT device and physical world interfacing

Hardware and software trade-offs

IoT and how the embedded systems work

Working with Big Data, Cloud, Analytics


The IoT Stack Architecture

The different segments and layers, the application, the information handling and stage, the edge, and the associated thing or gadget, aPaaS, information administration, middleware, gadget administration, gadget center point/passage, sensors, equipment/firmware.

Remote Sensing Image Processing and Analysis

Remote detecting has an unmistakable part in condition, calamity administration, and city checking and arranging, by empowering the examination of Earth and its sources by sensor frameworks without building up a physical association. Because of the advances in remote detecting, remote detecting pictures have picked up significantly in numerous application fields, for example, protection, restorative, agribusiness, material, condition, mining, and biometry. Especially, remote detecting has a vital significance for our nation which regularly faces cataclysmic events, for example, tremors, surges, avalanches and backwoods fires.

Principle Theme of the Workshop:

• Signal preparing for remote detecting

• Feature extraction and determination for remote detecting pictures

• Restoration and denoising of remote detecting pictures

• Enhancement and combination of remote detecting pictures

• Classification and division of remote detecting pictures

• Radar picture investigation

• Object-based picture investigation

• Hyperspectral picture preparing

• Multitemporal picture preparing and investigation procedures

• Detection of Earth surface changes

Biometric-based Authentication:

Biometric gadgets are utilized for the most elevated amount of security as they include the checking of natural organs like eyes, fingers, and so on. By doing this gadgets workshop you will figure out how to assemble an electronic gadget that will have a biometric scanner that can recognize the example of the organ and a handling unit, which contrasts them and pre-put away esteems for permitting access.


Inserted framework equipment (microchip-based, microcontroller-based)

Inserted frameworks can be microchip or microcontroller based. In either case, there is an incorporated circuit (IC) at the core of the item that is by and large intended to complete calculation for continuous activities. Microchips are outwardly undefined from microcontrollers, however, though the microchip just actualizes a focal preparing unit (CPU) and in this way requires the expansion of different parts, for example, memory chips, microcontrollers are outlined as independent frameworks.

Microcontrollers incorporate a CPU, as well as memory and peripherals, for example, streak memory, RAM or serial correspondence ports.

Since microcontrollers tend to actualize full (if moderately low PC control) frameworks, they are much of the time put to use on more mind-boggling assignments. Microcontrollers are utilized, for instance, in the activities of vehicles, robots, restorative gadgets and home machines, among others. At the higher end of microcontroller capacity, the term framework on-a-chip (SoC) is regularly utilized, however, there's no correct outline as far as RAM, clock speed etc.