Module Content Benefits
Selection considerations Provides background to recruitment
  • Implications of poor decisions
  • Common selection problems
  • Perceptions and intuition
  • Internal hiring
  • Employment and candidate market conditions
  • Background to Behavioural Interviewing *
Provides context and overview of recruitment process and explains the hiring manager or interviewers part in this. Helps those involved understand consequences.
Recruitment process (Can be customised to internal process & tools) Covers steps of the recruitment process:
  • CV screening
  • Phone screening
  • Interviews and assessment centres *
  • Hard skills testing
  • Psychometrics
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks
  • Making offers
Helps attendees understand how to get the best out of the process, where, when and how best to gather information, and help them choose appropriate process for their roles
Legal considerations Covers world’s best practice as well as NZ law as what can and can not be said or done during recruiting:
  • Best practice
  • Questions – what can and can’t be asked
  • NZ Privacy Act
  • Human Rights Act
  • Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act
  • Immigration
Reduces legal risk when hiring due to discrimination, privacy blunders or unchecked employment status
Cultural considerations

Covers cultural influences to consider when recruiting, it covers:

  • The changing cultural face of NZ
  • Introduction to cultural concepts
  • Consideration of kiwi culture and how this is perceived by other cultures.
  • Recognition of behaviours that may have a cultural basis
Encourages participants to be open minded during the recruitment process and once someone is hired
Behavioural interviewing overview (Some cross over into module 1, not required if module 1 covered) Understanding what Behavioural Interviewing is, its value and why it is considered best practice * Helps interviewers commit to behavioural event interviews as standard practice